Canon 7D Aquired 1/22/2013

January 22nd was the day time stood still.  No, not really.  But is is the day I purchased a lightly used 7D.  My first thoughts after putting a good lens on you might ask?

  • Dang!  This is heavy!
  • Dang!  This is big!
  • Dang! This is really heavy.

It is almost a pound more than my Canon T2i and with my lenses I use mose averaging around 3 pounds, taking 500 to a thousand pictures an outing is a bit of an isometric workout.   After using it for two weeks, I could not be happier.    For Birds in Flight(BIF) photography and sports, the 7D with the right lens, is perfect.  More than twice as many frames per second and the autofocus has more options for fine tuning and is much faster to aquire birds in flight.   The 7D image RAW image files are a little more work than RAW files from the t2i.  But that is because it shows every flaw in exposure and the glass.   Not using L lenses with a 7D would be very frustrating.    I bought my used lenses first, so I’m good to go.

After a few months of getting to know the camera, I’m expecting to take a bunch of pictures that I like.  I hope you like some of them too.

Sunday2_3_2013 2027_filtered


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