So I purchased the 7D Mark ii on 3/16/2015.  I’m a firm believer that you don’t need an expensive camera to take great pictures if you understand the principles of basic photography.  If you are going to use a normal lens and never push the limitation of the camera, or even leave it on automatic, then the latest Canon Rebel camera will take great pictures and the program modes are super.   I love the t2i and still use it on occasion and it is a small and lite camera with great dynamic range.

After the t2i I wanted speed.  I bought a used 7D for the 8 fps for sports and wildlife.  Great camera.  Used it extensively for years, but I was pushing the limits of its great design.    I took some great pics with it and most of the ones on are taken with the 7D on manual.  The camera was made for fast manual shooting.  So when I wanted even more speed and quality, I looked for the next generation of the 7D!

I wanted the 10 fps, auto-focus at f/8 and the improved low light capability.   So I finally bit the bullet and pulled the trigger.  I’ve had the camera two weeks and I am still looking for it’s limits in the photos that I’m used to taking.  Here are a few shot at higher than ISO 5000 on Monday before the rain was coming in front of a cold front.     Check out my website for more photos if you like birds or water sports.20150330- Bird Magnolia Plantation Swamp-170

20150330- Bird Magnolia Plantation Swamp-208

20150330- Bird Magnolia Plantation Swamp-356