2015 – Governor’s Cup Surf Contest SSC ESA

So on a day at the beach when the waves are small, what can you do you make a shots look big?
  • Get close with 300mm lens or longer.  (Within 50 to 60 feet.  Or 40 feet with a 200 mm lens.)
  • Very shallow Depth of Field by using a large aperture, F/4 in this shot.  That means that only about  only 1.5 feet are in sharp focus from front to back of the sharpest focal point, with the lens and aperture suggested.
  • Pick your focal plane using the face when it close to the rest of the body. The back of the surfboard is not in focus by design to make the image pop.
  • Use a fast shutter speed.  These were 1/2000 of a second to stop motion.   It helps is if it is bright out.
  • ISO 100 if you can to help keep the noise low
  • When cropping the photo, remove the horizon line and try to have your background clear of other surfers, which changes the perspective.
Technique is also important
  • Drop to a knee to get low or have a solid base
  • Hold your breath when shooting (But shoot in bursts so you don’t pass out and can breathe between them.
  • Lock your arms into place
  • Use a monopod
  • Practice panning often on fast moving subjects and ones that change directions often.

The shots that look best will be further apart than on bigger days, but you can still get a great shot with some planning and lots of practice.

Surfing contest
2015 – Governor’s Cup Surfing Contest

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