Why should you get a new camera?  Besides, because you want one, what are the logical reasons for getting a new or “better” camera?

You have to ask yourself some questions.  Have I reached the limits of my current camera? Are you not able to get the shots you imagine because of the camera or your technique?  New cameras can compensate for some technique flaws, but not all.

  • Newer cameras are faster some taking 10-20 frames per second, but if your timing is off and you don’t know your subject, faster doesn’t matter.
  • Newer cameras can take photos with less noise, if you set the proper or correct “creative exposure” to capture the scene in it’s best light.
  • Newer camera have more megapixels, but will create just as noisy of an image, if you don’t set the proper creative exposure to capture the scene in it’s best light.
  • Newer cameras have better dynamic range, if you set the proper creative exposure to capture the scene in it’s best light.
  • Newer cameras or lenses have better image stabilization to help keep the camera from shaking, but if you don’t hold your breath or hold your camera properly camera blur impact even the best of photographers if they get lazy.

Getting proper or creative exposure comes with practice, so does holding the camera still, and taking advantage of all the features of newer cameras.    So back to my original question… the logical and simple reasons for needing a new computer, I mean camera.

  • You take hundreds of thousands of photos and your camera wears out completely.  I know pieces can be repaired and replaced, but the chance of failure increases with use, just as much as it increases with the lack of use or proper maintenance, and could fail just when you needed.  So replacing the camera before it fails, may be necessary if you really use your camera often.
  • Cameras and lenses abilities to focus are electrical driven with motors and other things.  Just like a vacuum cleaner or a laptop they need to be replaced or tuned up.
  • The best reason, would be that your creative goals out weigh your camera\lens combination’s abilities to capture the images you imagine.  The abilities to function  in extreme conditions regarding the light, or lack of it, environmental conditions or subject matter.   The speed of your subject, size, distance to subject, diminished light sources or the locations can greatly determine the abilities of the camera\lens required to capture the image.

I always wanted a Full Frame professional camera.  But none of the logical reasons made making the purchase of a Full Frame camera required to make quite that expensive of a camera purchase.   I could capture images of great or even good enough quality of what I wanted with the crop sensor cameras I had.  I bought really fast lenses that allowed me to capture images in low light with good quality.   So what made the difference for me?  What requirement did the crop camera or a 7D Mark II not meet, that prompted me to move to a Full Frame camera?

Night games of high school football for my Son’s Senior season were the reason I needed to move to Full Frame.  And I’m glad I did make the move.  Doing so enabled taking pics of volleyball in the gym as well as to expand other creative areas of my photography.

Do you need an expensive camera to capture great images.  As usual, that depends.  A sunny day on a baseball or soccer field, no you don’t.   Consumer cameras with basic kit lenses will take great images during normal daylight if properly exposed geared towards the strengths inherent to them.      ISO 100, f/8 and auto shutter speed fast enough to stop motions enough to make good images and you can hardly go wrong and it all comes down to composition and technique.    In fact, capturing memorable photos almost always comes down to composition and technique… even with a great camera.

20170831 football game 3 loss 20177824
Last Football game with 5DM3, son receiving the kick off, ISO 2500 no problem, but I wanted even cleaner backgrounds, so I sold the 5DM3 and bought a 5DM4.
20170818 Cole Football Game 1 20172973
Son’s first touchdown of the Senior season, with the 5DM3
20170822 Volleyball Game 1 20174544
One of the first Volleyball games with the 5DM3


20171110 Foodball Game 2 2017 1143
My son lined up for a kick off.
20171110 Foodball Game 2 2017 1497
My son blocking a pass… look at that 5DM4 background.  This was taken handheld.  Going handheld allowed me to get closer, safer without a monopod to get in the way of a rapid retreat.
20171110 Foodball Game 2 2017 0760
My son going in for a touchdown, leaving the defense in the dust .