2018 Malibu Open images – ladies slalom

8/17/2018 – 8/18/2018

Below are some links to images of the worlds best female water skiers doing what they do best!   Captured at the Malibu Open Tournament at Trophy Lakes on Johns Island, near Charleston, South Carolina.   This was the second year that the Malibu Open was at Trophy Lakes.  It is a fabulous  place to have a tournament and hope someday to see a world record broken there!

Lots of photos… most are posted for me, but some really cool ones mixed in with the practice shots… The website is for me… so I post a lot more than just my best.  All photos are available for purchase for use on social media and for personal use and not for reposting without purchase.   All support goes for camera replacement.  And if the names don’t match the photos in the links let me know… I did what I could.

Name                                                                   Country

Regina Jaquess


Manon Costard


Whitney Mcclintock Rini


Jaimee Bull CAN
Samantha Dumala USA
Hanna Edeback


Paige Rini


Brooke Baldwin USA
Taryn Grant CAN
Allie Nicholson USA
Siani Oliver


Kassidy Hawkins USA
Karen Truelove USA
Alexandra (Ali) Garcia


Bailey Austin USA
Elizabeth Montavon USA
Chelsea Mills USA

Under 17

Kristen Baldwin 

This young lady likely had the best light situation of the weekend… I took a lot of photos to prove it!

Kristen Baldwin -17 F 2.00/55/11.25
Kristen Baldwin shredding at the 2018 Malibu Open slalom water skiing USA Under 17 Female 2.00/55/11.25


Someday Someone will cover the cost of my gear!  I know it will happen… someday!



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