Close up…
8/17/2018 – 8/18/2018

Below are some links to images of the worlds best water skiers doing what they do best at the Malibu Open Tournament at Trophy Lakes on Johns Island, near Charleston, South Carolina.   This was the second year that the Malibu Open was at Trophy Lakes.  It is a fabulous  place to have a tournament and hope someday to see a world record broken there!

Most images will print poster size.  Having a 10K camera is not necessary to take great sports photos, but getting images sharp enough to print a poster can take a little practice no matter what camera you use.  Below is a crop of the center of the image below it to show the detail in the plain of focus in the larger version below of Nate Smith.

Close up of the image below to show some detail.
Nate Smith water skiing
Nate Smith pulling across the lane at Trophy Lakes

Results from the Malibu Open – Men’s

Image links below

If the link below for each of the names shows “0 images” for the results, it means I don’t know what they look and am working on getting that information…or I happened to be away from my camera.  (I know, it can happen!)  If you know the skiier and find an image of them add a comment on the photo! Then I can use that to add the name to the rest or best photos of that person so they show up!  Thanks for viewing.

Name                                                  Country

Nate Smith USA
William Asher GBR
Adam Sedlmajer CZE
Stephen Neveu CAN
Jonathan (Jon) Travers USA
Thomas Degasperi ITA
Corey Vaughn USA
Sacha Descuns FRA
Joel Howley AUS
Frederick (Freddie) Winter GBR
Adam Caldwell USA
Robert Pigozzi DOM
Sean Patrick Hunter USA
Martin Kolman CZE
Cale Burdick USA
Thibaut Dailland FRA
Thomas Ryan AUS
Cole Mccormick CAN
Thomas Poole GBR
Zane Nicholson USA
Michael Bullock USA
Benjamin Stadlbaur SUI
Griffin Stange USA
Garrett Reese USA
Dorien Llewellyn CAN
Austin Abel USA
Felipe Miranda CHI