Mystic Waters Farm visit to Abelskischool Lake Lure, NC!

I had a great time at AbelSkiSchool taking photographs of the Austin, Clary, and Len. It was a rainy overcast day and very cool compared to Charleston. It was also not a tournament, which gave me some flexibility that I was not used to having. During tournaments I try to not getting in the way and still getting the shot. Not having to worry about being in the way and the flexibility to have the boat put me in the water in a relatively shallow spot was perfect.

Having the flexibility to ask them to take another pass was also very helpful in getting the shot I was envisioning.  The weather was a challenge on Saturday morning.  It was   rainy, windy and cooler temperatures, relative to what I am used to in Charleston. Being up in the Smoky Mountains near Lake Lure, NC was a perfect get away from Charleston as well.

From a distance the rain was hindering some of the shots!

Mystic Waters Farm is a great place to get away and an amazing location for water skiing.  Austin Abel is a professional skier and insightful and motivating instructor. I will never forget the Tiny Cabin that I stayed in… it was definitely named correctly.

Austin Abel pulling through a turn in the rain.

The weather was the biggest challenge that day.  It was coming down pretty hard at times but we were able to make the most of it.  My favorites were the black and white edits because of the extreme overcast skies.  There were a few good color images as well. Clary Looked like a pro and very intense. Told her just to have fun…and she appeared to listen and skied like a pro!

Lynn Also looked great skiing! She looked like a natural just having fun!

So what did I learn. I loved doing the non tournament ski shoot! More flexible and options for being creative and a lot less pressure regarding missing that shot or moment as during a tournament. No do-over shots during a tournament.  The mountains are a great place to visit! Bring a few towels, take off the camera straps before taking photos in the water, and plan time in for editing… life sure does get in the way.

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