2019 – Malibu Open water skiing photos by Cary McDonald

Malibu Open - Day 2 Malibu Open - Day 2 Malibu Open skiing -- splashes

The 2019 Malibu Open was spectacular at Trophy Lakes, just outside of Charleston S.C.. Another year of incredible skiing, professionalism and beautiful weather. I bought a new lens this year, mostly for the water skiing photography, and the first time I used it was at the 2019 Malibu Open. The 400 mm f/2.8 and it weighs over 12 pounds. But I think once I get the hang of it… I hope I will be able to capture some cool images.

Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1

It is a workout to haul around, but the glass is awesome! I set it up on my tripod with a Gimbal Head in the water and was able to grab some really cool shots. As with any new lens, it usually takes a few months to get really comfortable with them, know their strengths and weaknesses, but was having a great time with it. The light was a harsh, and not as cool as I had hoped, but I had a lot of fun anyway. With skiing photos, I always prefer cloudy days. As usual I shot everyday at the Open, until I was tired and went home.

My New 400 mm lens for water skiing photos by Cary McDonald
My new lens setup at the Malibu Open waiting for the skiers to speed by!

I was using two cameras. On my full frame camera I was using my Canon 300 mm F/2.8 handheld, and because the 400 mm was set up to grab the standard shots, I could use the 300 to be more creative and capture some shots with slower shutter speeds. Playing with them to get panning images with different background effects. I enjoyed that flexibility the most in having the additional lens.

Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1

Below are some of the professional skiers you can find images of on my website.

Name                                                  Country

Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open 2019 - Day 1 Malibu Open - Day 2 Malibu Open - Day 2
Nate SmithUSA
William AsherGBR
Adam SedlmajerCZE
Stephen NeveuCAN
Jonathan (Jon) TraversUSA
Thomas DegasperiITA
Corey VaughnUSA
Sacha DescunsFRA
Joel HowleyAUS
Frederick (Freddie) WinterGBR
Adam CaldwellUSA
Robert PigozziDOM
Sean Patrick HunterUSA
Martin KolmanCZE
Cale BurdickUSA
Thibaut DaillandFRA
Thomas RyanAUS
Cole MccormickCAN
Thomas PooleGBR
Zane NicholsonUSA
Michael BullockUSA
Benjamin StadlbaurSUI
Griffin StangeUSA
Garrett ReeseUSA
Dorien LlewellynCAN
Austin AbelUSA
Felipe MirandaCHI

Women of the Malibu Open

Regina Jaquess USA
Manon Costard FRA
Whitney Mcclintock Rini CAN
Jaimee BullCAN
Samantha DumalaUSA
Hanna Edeback SWE
Paige Rini CAN
Brooke BaldwinUSA
Taryn GrantCAN
Allie NicholsonUSA
Kassidy HawkinsUSA
Karen TrueloveUSA
Alexandra (Ali) Garcia USA
Bailey AustinUSA
Elizabeth MontavonUSA
Chelsea MillsUSA

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