Fees for lessons or lens trial rental

Fees for lessons or lens rental

Fees are based on time and materials and to keep it simple cash payment before starting please:

$25.00  for Each 30 minute lesson

  • Most outings will be longer than 30 minutes, but in most cases more than 15 minutes of “instruction” will be too much to remember.
  • I will likely ask some questions before the outing to find out what areas to focus to get the most improvement
  • Casual training at your pace.
  • Portrait photography – I can show the basics, but prefer to teach action or nature photography.  Posing people to capture the moment is as difficult as being ready to capture a natural moment.  It also usually requires artificial light or careful planning (Meeting at a location and hoping for the right weather does not always work. )

50.00 – 30-60 minute trying multiple lenses  (You know how to use them and just want to play around with them on location.)

100.00 – 30-60 minute lesson in using the large lenses

I use Aperture 3 on a Mac and all most digital images benefit from some noise reduction, but post processing  is not an area I currently plan to teach at this time.


Please leave a reply and let me know what you think.

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