Q&A: Why are my photos are not as sharp as yours?

Every now and again I have other photographers ask me why are my photos not as sharp as yours?   But I wanted to explore this question a little deeper and see if I could help out some of my friends.  As time allows, I'm going to explore each of these a little more detail … Continue reading Q&A: Why are my photos are not as sharp as yours?


It is all about the splash…

If you follow my work at all, then you should know that I like watersports and really like the splashes and the more photos I take, the more I like the splashes.  

Top of a Christmas tree ornament taken with a Extension tubes.

Macro photography with extension tubes

I have been thinking about getting some extension tubes for years to try some micro photography.   I finally did and they arrived today. They are great!  (I made a homemade micro lens last year you may remember, by removing the front element off the front of an old lens, but it was not what … Continue reading Macro photography with extension tubes

Pelicans fishing in the Colonial Lake in downtown Charleston, S.C.

I went downtown to get some pics today and was trying to avoid the reindeer run and drove by Colonial Lake.  I saw some pelicans fishing and stopped to take some pics of them diving.  They are a little slower than the kingfishers from last week.

Kingfisher having some fun while I watched.

I was out this weekend taking some pictures in the fog and I saw a pair of kingfishers trying to get some breakfast.  Down highway 17 out near Bear Island, which is about 40 miles south of Charleston, SC.   I was looking for eagles again, but could only hear them off in the distance. … Continue reading Kingfisher having some fun while I watched.