Photo tour with Doug Gardner on Lake Marion

Took a few pics at Lake Marion with Doug Gardner and a few friends one a photography tour.  We had a great time. Also I included a few other photos from the same weekend at Magnolia Gardens.  See if you can tell which are which.


Kingfisher having some fun while I watched.

I was out this weekend taking some pictures in the fog and I saw a pair of kingfishers trying to get some breakfast.  Down highway 17 out near Bear Island, which is about 40 miles south of Charleston, SC.   I was looking for eagles again, but could only hear them off in the distance. … Continue reading Kingfisher having some fun while I watched.

Canon 7D Aquired 1/22/2013

January 22nd was the day time stood still.  No, not really.  But is is the day I purchased a lightly used 7D.  My first thoughts after putting a good lens on you might ask? Dang!  This is heavy! Dang!  This is big! Dang! This is really heavy. It is almost a pound more than my … Continue reading Canon 7D Aquired 1/22/2013